Career as Financial & Investment managers

Career as Financial & Investment managers

Financial and investment managers are in charge of ensuring the smooth financial running of a company, and making sure that the resources of the company are carefully invested. The work of financial and investment managers are similar, so these two categories are often combined into a single post.

Financial managers need to keep a tight watch over the financial running of the organisation. They are responsible for recording, analysing and interpreting financial data. These facts and figures are then presented to their seniors in the form of reports. They also set budgets for the company, create  financial strategies, and put long-term financial goals into action. Investment managers decide how best to invest the resources (money and assets) of the organisation in order to ensure a stable financial future. They consider how to make the wisest investments with the least risk, so that the organisation's assets are steadily increased.
Financial and investment managers work in an office environment, and need to be confident using computers and technology, as these will form a large part of their work. Being a financial and investment manager can be interesting and fulfilling. There is also a variety of work, and salaries are good. However, the hours can be long, and working to a tight budget can be stressful.


1.Personal qualities

A financial and investment manager should:

have an aptitude for maths and accountancy
be accurate and have an eye for numerical detail
have analytical thinking skills and be able to weigh up alternatives carefully
be honest and have high integrity
be a strategic thinker
have good financial sense
be mature and responsible

2.Job opportunities

Financial and investment managers are needed by just about every company, government department or organisation, so job opportunities are numerous. Financial reward is also high for these positions. Financial and investment managers can work for large and small commercial and industrial companies, financial and insurance institutions, government departments, and municipalities. There are also options for self-employment as a consultant.

3.Educational Qualifications

BCom degrees, with the following possible subjects can be completed: Accountancy, Business Management, Business Finance, Cost and Management Accountancy, Economics, Financial Management, Investment Management and Management Accountancy.

It is essential to clear the Association of Mutual Funds of India certification test Click me to become a personal investment adviser. A certified financial planner certification would be an exceptional qualification. To become a corporate investment adviser, graduation/postgraduation with specialisation in finance is a must.

Prime Institutes for this career

Indian Institute Of Management (iim) Calcutta Click me
Indian Institute Of Management (iim) Raipur Click me
Indian Institute Of Management (iim) Ranchi Click me
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies (jbims) Click me
Indian Institute Of Management Ahmedabad (iima) Click me
Indian Institute Of Management (iim) Bangalore Click me
Narsee Monjee Institute Of Management Studies (nmims) Mumbai Click me

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